Abraham Hicks Method Of Manifesting An Ex Back

Those of you into manifesting will certainly be familiar with the wonderful work of Jerry and Esther Hicks and Abraham. 

If you're not ware, there hare thousands of incredible videos of Abraham on YouTube that provide solutions to just about any challenge in life, or desire you may have. 

There are many videos talking about lost love, or manifesting a lover. I will post one here, and then we will break down the method suggested for obtaining what you want, and manifesting your ex back.

How To Manifest Your Ex Back The Abraham Way:

Get into the vortex!

That's it ... see ya later ... what? Need a bit more than that?

Ok, Ok I know it's a bit vague, and just hearing the answer of getting in the vortex for every problem in life does get frustrating. 


That is all that is required.

Let's Break It Down:

The term getting into the vortex is just a pointer. In fact everything in your life is purely a pointer.

Your reality is reflecting back relationship that is going on within you. Reality is purely a pointer to show your relationship with where your mind is at, and where your True Self or Inner Being is at.

Heck, the Law Of Attraction is purely a pointer at your true creative ability. It is merely a game we play.

When we have a problem in life, we think we need massive action to fix it. We think we can solve the problem with our minds. But our minds are just programmed thought patterns. It was those same programmed thought patterns that created the problem reality that we are in now.

What is really needed is a new intelligence to take over, and orchestrate events for us. We need new thoughts, which are simply manifestations in themselves, which give us the inspired actions we need. 

We also think we need to talk and analyse the problem in order to solve it. When all we do is put our incredibly powerful focus onto the problem, and life has to bring us more of it. It can't even bring us solutions to solve it.

So that is why getting into the vortex is the only advice you need. All it means is feeling good, which indicates that you're aligned with life itself, and aligned with your desire.

This doesn't mean you need to focus on your desire. It is actually better to shift your focus on to things that feel good. This is all you need to do, it is that simple.

Life will bring you all the situations and inspiration you need for you to manifest your desire. 

This is not about struggle, or pain or anything else. This is purely about feeling good, regardless of the circumstances. This is where you don't need your ex to be happy. That is an incredibly powerful position to be in. 




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